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Course of Action

The Foundation provides solutions to both ends of the employment spectrum: employers and job seekers.

We are intensively engaged in mapping existing and needed sources of employment in the Negev; in sharpening the needs of job seekers – both those already living in the Negev and those that are planning to relocate to the Negev; and in making information about existing employment opportunities widely accessible.

This information is made accessible by means of the Negev Jobs website, which brings all job offers in the Negev to one site.

In addition we guide and connect between job seekers that have experience of five years or more.

Along with these programs, we also encourage companies and organizations to relocate their activity from Israel's center to the Negev, and help concentrate information relating to municipal and governmental grants. We also assist in mapping relevant land uses in the Negev for the establishment of small and medium businesses. This is based on attaining a solid understanding of the correct mix of occupations for the Foundation's target audience and is aimed at increasing the number of quality employment options in the region.

We guide companies that are interested in relocating to the Negev, both in providing relevant information and in guidance that is tailored to the needs and nature of each company.