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Courses of Action

The Merage Foundation is committed to bridging the gap between the way in which the Israeli public perceives the Negev, and what really exists in the region.

It is important for us to tell the story of the Negev in the most original and sophisticated way possible, utilizing the most appropriate media for every story. To do this, we collect information on what is happening in the Negev, including updates from various municipalities about interesting local innovations from each area. The Fund's activities are complimented by efforts from wide array of Israel's leading professionals in digital marketing, public relations, branding, advertising, graphic design and lobbying.

One of the Foundation's central goals is to bring the Negev to the forefront of Israel's political agenda and to influence decision makers for the benefit of the region. To this end, we are working, together with a lobbying firm, to promote the subject of the Negev's development with MKs, Knesset committees, Ministers and the various government ministries.

The Foundation is also working with a public relations firm, which is helping the Foundation sharpen and formulate the messages that are transmitted to the media, social networks, and new media, in order to influence media agenda and to generate real interest and discussion on the future of the Negev. These messages are distributed to the public through various advertising campaigns throughout the year.