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Community Leadership Team

A group of young leaders that were carefully chosen and brought together to form a leadership group.

These young leaders are alumni of the Ayalim Association, Young Adult Center and community groups from the Negev. They are interested in shifting the discussion on  New Communities and in bringing more young adults to live in the Negev, through personal example. Team members undergo a unique training program, within whose framework they receive knowledge, tools and practical experience that will help them in leading New Communities processes and in promoting the discourse among students and young adults. Team members receive an attractive scholarship grant from the Foundation.

As part of the Leadership Team's activity, team members map the needs of young people regarding settlement in the Negev, by means of focus groups on campuses throughout the Negev, in Ayalim Student Villages and in a large-scale event in Central Israel.

Based on the outcomes of the mapping process, team members will initiate various activities, with the guidance and support of the foundation, in order to promote demand from the target audience.

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