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Mitzpe Conference for Equality in Health

The Merage Foundation joined the Center for Health Policy Research at Ben Gurion University for an inter-sectorial cooperation in order to reduce the gaps in the Negev's health system and to promote incentives for change.

The Foundation enlisted its support for the Mitzpe Ramon Conference for Equality in Health, which puts the issue of health disparities between the Negev and Israel's center on the public agenda, and is a partner in shaping the image of public health in the Negev.

The conference and its unique format provides a platform for dialogue and encourages collaboration among different stakeholders: academics; government agencies (Ministry of Health, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Development of the Negev and Galilee); Israel's four HMO's;  Negev medical centers; local authorities; the National Institute for Health Policy and Health Services Research;  The Negev Bedouin Settlement and Economic Development Implementation Center and third sector organizations.

During the conference, held in October 2013, a presentation was made of the monitoring of implementation of the recommendations and plans that were formulated at the first conference in May 2011, along with the mapping of new modes of action. The conference presented the outcomes of the two working groups that formulated position papers on issues of primary care and emergency medicine Negev over the course of several months.

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