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Product Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centers

Israel is at the forefront of innovation at the global level. In today's contemporary global economy, where technology is accessible to all, aesthetics, functionality and design make the advantage.

Product innovation combines well-known consumer products from traditional industry, with innovative functionality, design, materials, packaging and more. Business opportunity arises from both the development timeframes and development budgets that are significantly shorter relative to the technological development; as well as from cooperation opportunities with traditional manufacturing.

The program enables entrepreneurs to develop products that incorporate innovation and creative thinking and help them in the process of developing a prototype, examining business opportunities, developing a business model, primary production, marketing products in Israel and abroad and assisting in mass production. The center will provide the developer with the physical infrastructure needed, as well as with professional, business and marketing infrastructures.

Entrepreneurs receive infrastructure tailored to their enterprise, and are connected to leading professionals in the field. They also receive business and marketing guidance; the "quiet" they need to create and develop the project in a reasonable timeframe; connections to other entrepreneurs in their field for sharing and promoting their project; as well as sustainable housing solutions, working close to their home and family, and a high quality of life.

Twenty entrepreneurs work side by side, simultaneously, in each center. Every entrepreneur works out of the center for two years. The first year is devoted to product development, prototyping and building business plan and methods of distribution and manufacture to market. During the second year, the entrepreneur will focus on the process of marketing, distribution and manufacturing. Each center has professionals and business development people on hand to systematically promote and advance the entrepreneurs and their projects.

The Merage Foundation will work to provide training, will build business and marketing infrastructures for entrepreneurs, and create connections between entrepreneurs in the various centers. This business model includes government budgets for ongoing operation, counseling and fellowship for the entrepreneur. The entrepreneur must act and develop the project in the Negev and will allocate predetermined royalties to the center.

This is your chance to develop in the Negev, on a personal and business level; live and work near beautiful landscapes and engage in creating and fulfilling dreams.

Developers, product designers and dreamers with an innovative idea who wish to fulfill a dream in the Negev.

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