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Local Economic Development

This program allows entrepreneurial groups, operating in the same geographical area, to identify common goals and interests and work together to achieve them. By organizing a group of entrepreneurs, identifying its relative advantages and developing clear language with customers, suppliers and authorities, we can promote businesses more effectively and increase revenue.

The process begins with diagnosing individual and group needs and building an operational work plan. We then provide the knowledge and the tools necessary to realize the plan, and complete the process by tracking results on the ground.

Each year the Foundation publishes a call for proposals to all local authorities. Groups of entrepreneurs that are interested in participating are asked to contact the Foundation through their local authority.


Addressing the business needs of groups of entrepreneurs with a common interest, within a region or municipality.

The Merage Foundation works to attract and keep quality, active and productive groups in the Negev.

One of the main ways to achieve this goal is by promoting and developing entrepreneurship as a tool for developing employment, personal growth and regional and personal economic advancement.

In recent years, the Foundation has carried out entrepreneurship programs that draw out leading entrepreneurs in the various fields who are interested in promoting the development of enterprises with development and hiring capabilities from all over the Negev.

The Foundation also promotes regional programs for economic development and attracting entrepreneurs to the Negev.

We work with all relevant authorities and bodies and on the national level in order to identify needs, develop programs to meet the unique needs of the region and its entrepreneurs.

During meetings with economic development specialists and entrepreneurs, we became aware of an acute need to assist groups of entrepreneurs operating in a common geographic region.

Target population:

Groups of entrepreneurs seeking to promote their private businesses though cooperation in order to generate a business, marketing and competitive advantage.

Areas for Cooperation:

– Marketing

– Product Development

– Project Promotion

– Business Incorporation

The local authority will contact the Foundation with applications, after becoming familiar with the entrepreneurs. The local authority will evaluate the group's potential to create a working group and their desire to advance joint business activity.

The Program's Model:

– Identify areas for collaboration and goals for the group and the individual participants.

– Create clear modes of operation and implementation.

– Practical promotion of the entrepreneurs in reaching the goals: building a budget for activities and methods for reaching the goals, setting milestones, defining roles of the various entrepreneurs, presenting the work plan to relevant bodies.

Foundation support includes:

– Providing business and organizational guidance for the process and collaboration with authorities and other stakeholders.

-Facilitation of the group and the process.

– Building a business plan and work plan for the projects.

– Incorporating relevant professionals in strengthening the process.

– Financial support in promoting the project.

Entrepreneurs working as a group in the same region and want to join the program

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