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Assistance in Securing Capital and Investors

Fundraising is a critical part of business enterprise development in its early stages. We recognize that during this stage many projects make extreme efforts to try to arrive at potential investment funds and investors, often without the needed knowledge, experience and familiarity with these entities.

The Merage Foundation aims to help businesses who relocate to the Negev during this stage. We are working to systematically uncover interesting opportunities and projects in the Negev for investment funds and investors in Central Israel, and maintain regular contact with these funds. In addition, the Foundation convenes an investment committee twice a year, where entrepreneurs display their projects to various investment groups.

The Foundation is in direct contact with various financing funds that operate in the Negev, in order to raise funds for young companies and businesses in the Negev, and helps connect the appropriate loan fund with various entrepreneurs based on their project type, the size of the loan required and loan utilization.

Submitting Requests for Assistance in Securing Funds/Loans

1. Follow the link below ("Register Here") and fill out the registration form.

2. A business representative from the Foundation will review the project and will contact you to examine the project, its materials, business viability and work processes for raising the required capital.

3. An organized work process will be built with the entrepreneur to examine feasibility for a loan/investment.  The various types of investors / loan funds will be examined, based on the project, the capital required, the project's phase, the developer's needs and desires.

The Merage Foundation sees great importance in the development of innovative projects and promoting business in their start-up stage, in the Negev.

The Foundation does not charge for this activity and is not a side in the entrepreneur's business agreement with an investor.

Are you interested in helping to raise capital and secure investors for your business?

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