By investing in the development of infrastructure and public buildings, the Merage Foundation is able to improve the quality of life for residents of the Negev, and encourage more people to come live in the region.  The projects that the Foundation chooses to promote are of utmost importance to local residents, entrepreneurs and to investors, who see the Negev as a worthy and worthwhile investment.

המרכז הרפואי מיראז' בדימונה

The Merage Medical Center in Dimona

The center was established in order to strengthen and improve the quality of medical services provided to residents of the city of Dimona and its surroundings.

The Merage Medical Center spans 3/4 of an acre and includes an Emergency Clinic, an Outpatient Clinic and a Dialysis Center. The center is open 24 hours a day, and provides comprehensive medical solutions and medical care at the highest level for local residents.

The Merage Medical Center is the second largest medical center in the Negev, after the Soroka Hospital. The center was inaugurated in January 2010, and was established at a cost of 14 million NIS, with the generous support of Katherine Merage and members of the Merage Foundation, foremost by its President, David Mirage.

The Medical Center covers an area of ​​three dunams, with a built area of 1,000 square meters. The structure was builtin accordance with a state of the art, environmentally friendly architectural design. The Dimona Development Foundation, under the direct management of the municipality, manages the center. The Center's professional aspects are led by the Physicians for the Negev Organization, which consists of several senior doctors from the Soroka Hospital emergency room.

The emergency and trauma rooms contain eight fully equipped beds. During an emergency, the center is staffed by a doctor and a paramedic.

Dialysis Center–The Dialysis Center is an enormous and important upgrade in medical facilities in the Eastern Negev. Established through the generosity of Rotem Ampert Factories of the ICL Group, the dialysis unit regularly treatsseveral hundred patients requiring weekly dialysis. The fact that the clinic is available and close to home, infinitely improves the quality of life of patients, including quite a few children.

Clalit Health Services Outpatient Clinics –Located within the Merage Medical Center are Clalit Health Services Outpatient Clinics, which shorten lines and wait times for Clalit members from Dimona and surrounds. This is without a doubt a significant upgrade to medical services and their availability.

The Center also provides additional medical services such as X-ray services, laboratory for blood work and a plaster department.


Negev Bicycle Center

The Merage Foundation promotes a network of Visitor's Centers as bases for cycling in the Negev.

The Merage Foundation recognized that these centers can increase the scope of cycling activity in the area, and therefore, in addition to bicycle paths and mappings, there is a need for centers that will greet tourists, provide them with information, guidance and security.

After a thorough mapping process, and in accordance with the needs of the various regions in the Negev, the team at the Merage Foundation identified a number of locations in the Negev with an active network of bike paths and where local entrepreneurs provide a range of services, including: instruction, bike rentals and sales, bicycle repair services, bike path development and maintenance, tour centers, maps and information about the area, catering, accommodations, event production and challenging trailrides(PUMP TRACK).

The project is carried outin close cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism, The Ministry for Development of theNegev and the Galilee, the Negev Development Authority and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. 

בית ספר

SdeBoker Educational Campus


Midreshet Ben Gurion is the largest community in Ramat Negev, where children from the nearby Ramon AF Base go to school.  In light of the rapidly growing population of the Negev region, there is an increased need for upgrading and expanding educational facilities that serve the children and youth of the place. The Merage Foundation, in conjunction with Ramat HaNegev Regional Council and Ministry of Education, established an educational campus of kindergartens, primary school and junior high school with smart classrooms, sports fields, offices and meeting rooms that are usedby the school staff. The planning of the educational campus integrated elements of sustainable building for the desert, which makes this place an oasis in the local landscape. 

מרכז מיראז'


The Merage Center for Creativity and Innovation

The Negev is an area that inspires action. It enables thinking outside the box and creates a variety of opportunities. The Merage Center for Creativity and Innovation is a knowledge and training center for creativity and innovation in industry, economics and art. The Merage Center will be an anchor for employment and tourism that will attract strong populations to the Negev: artists, tourists, leading organizations in the arts, companies and entrepreneurs. This will help promote the Negev as a place that enables extensive activity in a variety of areas and will provide the conditions and tools to help facilitate and develop creative thinking and innovative actions, as well as serve as a meeting place for professionals, that promotes cooperation in and between different fieldsThe Merage Center has three complexes: 1. Knowledge, Innovation and Creativity Center -A center for professional training in various fields such as product design and business, workshops for companies and executives, businessmen and entrepreneurs and a business incubator and investment in the ventures. 2. Artists' Center - A gallery that includes temporary exhibitions and art workshops, a recording and editing studio and an ecological architecture complex. 3. Conference Center -This center will serve companies and organizations that are active in the Negev for conventions, conferences and exhibitions. Target Audience:- Entrepreneurs in the Negev with innovative thinking.- Companies from all over the country that want to take part in workshops on innovative thinking in the Negev- Product designers. - Musicians who are looking for a rehearsal and recoding space with a different atmosphere- Hi -Tech companies seeking to rent an office and work from the Negev.