The Foundation

The Merage Foundation Israel is a philanthropic foundation for the development of the Negev, with the understanding that the Negev as Israel's land of unlimited opportunities.

The Foundation operates in several parallel areas, and its goal is to create a positive public discourse surrounding the Negev, and making it a leading region and ideal place for living, for business, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation. The demographic and physical changes that have taken place in the region over the past several years, which are set to expand in the coming decade, expose the Negev as a region with immense business potential, and a fertile area for entrepreneurs with vision, long-term business goals and the ability to create "something from nothing".


As such, we are working to promote entrepreneurs and local business owners from the Negev, along with those from the country's center, who are seeking to explore business opportunities in the Negev. The Merage foundation addresses their needs by providing professional counseling, assistance and by promoting business ventures.

The Foundation works in full cooperation with all local authorities and executive bodies in the Negev, while creating collaborations between them and relevant government departments, in order to provide a comprehensive solution to the challenges inherent in promoting the region and in encouraging young people to relocate to the Negev.






Our Audience

 Young, dynamic, productive and active people, aged 23 and up, who knows opportunity when they see it


Our Strategy

 - After examining our audience's interests, we created an infrastructure on which we build the Foundation's various projects. These projects provide unique solutions that are tailored to serve the Negev's new, old and potential residents


The Foundation's Areas of Activity 


New Communities

 פיתוח כלכלי

Economic Development


Employment and Entrepreneurship


Culture and Leisure


Branding and Marketing




Courses of Action

Creating a wide infrastructure for absorbing new residents > 

Promoting and educating elected official and policy makers on topics that are related to the Negev > 

Decreasing dependence of financial bodies and institutions in the Negev on government funding, and strengthening their financial independence > 

Creating economic opportunities in the region, with the aim of influencing free market forces and utilizing them for the development on the Negev > 

Providing holistic and wide ranging solutions for new residents, in employment, housing, health, culture and leisure > 

Spreading the word to young people about the opportunities that the Negev has to offer for change and self-fulfillment >